Wednesday, 8 October 2014

TV Tuesday - Trigger Happy TV

As a matter of fact ...

One of my favourite and often most overlooked generes of TV is prank shows.

Theres something we humans just love about seeing other people have the wool pulled over their eyes. Call it devious, call it a bit a fun, call it whatever you want. They've been around for years and I don't see any signs of them stopping.

For me, the best has to be Trigger Happy TV.

This is actually one of my favourtie shows of all time. It began in 200 and lasted 2 years on British TV and was fronted by the genius Dom Jolly. Jolly brought the already popular format of prank shows found in America to the British audeicne in a big way, with his own devious twists.

They aren't all grand pranks with 10 cameras and an entourage of actors. They aren't all lengthy and layered. They are, however, totally bizzare, wonderful and unfiltered from the mind of Dom Jolly. It's as if Channel 4 gave him free reign to do whatever prank he liked. The result was a show that might not have broken the mold but ignored the mold  altogether in favour of surreal pranks that became iconic over the show's short span.

Despite only having 17 episodes, the variety within the show keeps me re watching it all the time. From the large cell phone to the furry animal fights, an average episode takes as many twists and turns as the London streets it's filmed on. Oh, and the soundtrack is sublime.

I wanted to share this show with any readers, especially North Americans, who might not have heard of it. The idea came to me when I stumbled upon a 'Best of' video for the show. So what better way to finish off this reccomendation for a classiv TV show than to leave you with that very same video. Enjoy:

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