Sunday, 14 September 2014

Music Monday - Mac Demarco

As a matter of fact ...

Mac Demarco and my girlfriend are my two favourite Canadians. Sometimes it's too close to call. I'm kidding of course, it's not close; Mac Demarco wins every time. Kidding, I promise. When it comes to music though, theres no artist that's grabbed by ears and mind more in the past year than this guy.

Hailing from BC in Canada, the 24 year old has just released his second album and dam it packs a punch. 'Salad Days' continues where his debut album '2' left off. Both are a journey through Mac's colourful mind. He's driving the car. The fruity guitar riffs keep things rolling and his soaring melodies gives power to songs that can change gear from mellow to mental at the flick of a diminished chord.

Most fans, including myself, come for the music but stay for the man. The average band has a front man for their gigs, Mac is a front man in reality. Watch one of his interviews and you'll suck the related videos dry. It's hard to peel your eyes away from his strut, his toothy grin and his 24/7 parody of an indie artist who takes them-self way too seriously. You know he doesn't though. No guy who says 'pretty cool' or 'love ya' so many times a minute can be taken too seriously; he saves that for the music.

It's hard to recommend an artist without comparing. Although I find it hard to do with Mac's unique vibe, Spotify throws up some great names. Foxygen, King Krule, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and The Growlers are just some of the suggestions listed. I'm not surprised. Although Mac doesn't share a lot of overlap in terms of sound, he fits in nicely with this group of twangy riffs, rough vocals and captivating personas that these artists are gaining fame for.

With a little time, a couple more tours and perhaps another album, Mac will be really be bursting in to the scene. I can see him becoming the name on everyone's lips who loves this emerging sound, caught between old and new, that you just cant pin down without immersing yourself in his music. 

Once you check this guy out, you'll find it hard to divide your time between listening to his music and watching his interviews. Just find time to share him with your friends, you wont regret it. 

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